I sat down one day with my friend at the kitchen table. It had been a long few days and I was tired, sad and fed-up. “You must be hungry,” she said “you haven’t eaten today. What you need right now is a bacon sandwich!” she declared.

I heard my friend’s words and could feel the care that she was trying to express to me but she had no idea how I was really feeling at that moment in time.

I was at once appreciative of her care, irritated by her assumption that she knew how I would be feeling and what I might need (I mean, what if I was vegan), and all at the same time feeling rude because I wanted to reject her kind offer and that may cause her to feel hurt Read more

Oh baby it’s cold outside! 🥶 And a wee bit rainy today too 🌧 I’ve been doing a fair bit of networking recently and many people seem to assume that walk and talk therapy is a fair weather pursuit. So, today I’m here to debunk the myth! We wrap up warm, we wear muddy boots […]

I love fungi, it’s totally where my nerd is at! 🍄 I found these gorgeous mushrooms today (porcelain fungus I think as a very amateur, and possibly wrong, identification) and as always when I find something beautiful 😍 I grabbed my phone to take a photo. Now, some people might disagree with me on my […]