Time to Talk - a space to talk to a professional, impartial, empathic other about whatever brings you to therapy right now.
Outdoor Sessions - walk and talk sessions in an urban park location in Leeds, West Yorkshire.
Online Sessions - available to people within the UK from the comfort of your own space.
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I’m Rachel Surtees, Relational Integrative Therapist in advanced training.  I offer therapy sessions both online to people living throughout the UK, and face to face in a walk and talk format in an urban park location in North Leeds.

Why might therapy be for you?

The things we find difficult in life come in many guises and can be really challenging to navigate alone; a shift in life direction, relationship issues (both romantic and other), long term illness, the death of a loved one, issues at work, depression, anxiety, low self-esteem (to name but a few) can become part of anybody’s experience at any time. If you are finding life challenging right now you may feel you would like support and this is where therapy can help.

We’re often told that carrying on with life is necessary in order to get past these difficulties but rarely is this a simple task.

You may not know where to turn – communicating your pain and struggle to friends and loved ones can sometimes feel quite scary and daunting, especially where you feel you need to be strong for the other, that you may be burdening people with your worries, or worry that you may be judged harshly or critically.  Trying to cope with things alone though can often compound the issue.

I offer a respectful, empathic and non-judgemental space for you to come and talk about what you are finding challenging in life.  By exploring together, in a safe and secure space, at a pace that suits you we will look at your patterns of relating and behaving and discover and address the roots of your difficulties, opening up the possibility for you to create lasting change.

If this sounds like something you are interested in click the button below to email me and request your free consultation.

If you would like to know more however about how my services work please continue reading…

I offer online therapy sessions (50 mins) to individuals who are based within the UK.  These sessions take place from the comfort of your own space using the Zoom platform.

I also offer one to one walk and talk therapy sessions (50-80 mins depending on what your requirements are) at an urban park location in North Leeds.  At present it is possible to do these face to face but this is subject to change depending on the most current government guidance relating to the CV-19 pandemic.  Should face to face sessions be temporarily restricted in outdoor spaces we will  undertake our sessions online until the restrictions are eased again.

It’s really important to find a therapist you feel you can build a good working relationship with and in light of this  I offer a free consultation session so that we can get to know each other a little and you will have a taste of what it might be like for us to work together.

Should you then choose to work with me I am committed to building a respectful and trusting relationship with you that allows us to explore your world together.

To book your consultation session email me at rachel@ramblingpsychotherapist.co.uk

My fees for individual therapy sessions are currently set at £45 for a 50 minute session.  My fees are set at this rate to reflect the fact that I am still in training.  They are reviewed annually.

I am fully insured and DBS checked and I abide by the ethical principles of the Scarborough Counselling and Psychotherapy Training Institute (SCPTI) and the UKCP.