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Relational Leadership Coaching

What makes a successful company/organisation?

A successful company/organisation is run by happy and committed people, and a happy and productive workforce is dependent on a supportive work environment and a network of strong and capable leaders.

What makes a good leader?

Many people leaders are hugely competent in their area of expertise but have had little to no training or development when it comes to how to lead well.

Leaders can only lead well when they develop a strong emotional literacy and an awareness of how they and others interact with each other.  They can posses all the knowledge in the world about how to get the job done, but if they have poor people skills they will struggle to keep the people they lead committed to the cause and on programme.  Some people seem to naturally posses these skills but for others it takes time and work to develop them, and even if someone possesses a natural ability there is often room for improvement.

How can relational leadership coaching help you and your organisation?

Leaders need time and space to explore and develop a conscious awareness of their own relational landscape, and guidance and insight into how to identify the terrain in which others might be moving,  learning how the two interact with each other and how to adapt their approach to get the best out of themselves and others.

Relational leadership coaching provides the space, support and guidance necessary to grow and develop emotional literacy and greater relational understanding, in turn vastly improving leadership skills.

How does it work?

  • Relational leadership coaching is available to both individuals and organisations who are seeking to strengthen the skills of their leaders.
  • Sessions are tailored to the needs of the individual accessing the sessions creating a bespoke programme of self development.
  • The frequency of sessions and length of the programme is negotiated according to the needs of the individual/organisation.
  • Sessions are delivered online or face to face (where practical) at a time, place and pace which suits your needs.

Want to find out more?

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Want to find out more about the Relational Leadership approach?

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