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Hi, I’m Rachel.  I’m guessing that as you’ve got as far taking a look at this page you may be considering entering into therapy with me.  Because I believe it’s important to find a therapist that you think you can work well with I’d like to tell you a little bit about myself so that you can get an idea about who I am and how I work…

Who I am as a therapist?

I am a Relational Integrative Therapist in advanced training at the Scarborough Counselling and Psychotherapy Training Institute.

Originally trained as a holistic therapist and growing and evolving my practice from there I have worked with people therapeutically now for over fourteen years, including for the last few years working psychotherapeutically.

Through my work and through experiences in my personal life I have become fascinated by people and  the different ways we find of relating to each other.  I recognise the power of having good, supportive relationships as being one of the central keys to our success and happiness as individuals.

I have also developed a deep interest in stories and the power they have to influence us.  I enjoy exploring with people the stories we create to help us make sense and meaning of our interactions with others and the world, and the things we experience in our lives that lead us to live out certain life narratives.

I bring both of these to the therapy that we do together so that we can explore openly the things that bring you here.

I also bring my belief in the benefits of engaging in therapy.  This doesn’t come from a theoretical viewpoint but from my lived experience of being in therapy myself and having seen the benefits that this has had in my own life.

Who am I as a person?

I come from a working class background.  I have lived a complicated, and at many points challenging life (and yes, I know I’m far from alone in this experience).  I am a mother and dog owner.  I love being outdoors and spend as much time as I can engaging in activities in natural environments. I am passionate about our interconnectedness both with other people and other beings in the world.

So, now you know a little bit about me…

if you’d like to go a step further, I’d be really interested in finding out a little bit about you.

Get in contact on 07946 071 672 or email rachel@ramblingpsychotherpist.co.uk